Natixis Open Day LX Edition

A three-day initiative unfolded in two key moments: brand activation and dinner.


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  • Video & Photography
  • Public Relations

Natixis is a French investment bank that opened its doors in Portugal and wanted to attract new employees.

To do this, FES Agency put together a three-day initiative that started with brand activation and ended with a dinner.

The first part of the campaign involved a bus tour through Lisbon, where Natixis employees were on hand to recruit new people for their skills center in Porto. In addition, the bus made stops at strategic locations where speed interviews took place inside the vehicle. Finally, some goodies were distributed at the Web Summit’s door and near universities.

The second part of the campaign was a dinner held with current and potential employees. Management work and community building were used to attract more people to the event.

About Natixis

Natixis in Portugal is fully integrated into the global organization of Natixis, a French multinational financial services firm specialized in Asset & Wealth Management, Corporate & Investment Banking, Insurance, and Payments. A subsidiary of Groupe BPCE, Natixis counts nearly 16.000 employees across 38 countries.

Based in Porto, Natixis in Portugal is a Center of Expertise with the mission to transform traditional banking by developing innovative solutions for the bank’s business, operations, and work culture worldwide as a key driver of the company’s culture of agility and innovation.


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