2023, a challenging year – the turning point

The past twelve months have been a rollercoaster ride, testing our resilience, adaptability, and commitment to our clients and team.

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As we get ready to move to a brand new year, it’s impossible to do so without pausing and thinking of how the year unfolded. The past twelve months have been a rollercoaster ride, testing our resilience, adaptability, and commitment to our clients and team. Navigating these uncharted waters demanded more than just strategic planning; it called for agility, creativity, and a strong belief in our capabilities.

We kicked off 2023 with a reality check that impacted us both internally and externally.

Regarding income and the market:

Clients wrapping up their communication efforts and, by default, finishing their relationship with us. Challenges in the acquisition of new clients led us to explore the market and understand the need to offer innovative solutions tailored to the market and companies’ evolving needs… Adaptation became our mantra.

As for internal challenges:

Resilience and unity were vital. Team morale needed a boost, and nurturing a sense of community in a spread workforce presented its own set of pains. Regular check-ins, virtual team-building exercises, and open lines of communication became lifelines, ensuring that despite physical distances, we remained strong.

As the year closes, we reflect not just on the obstacles but on the milestones achieved against all odds. Our agency expanded its horizons, exploring new niches and diversifying services. We forged deeper relationships with existing clients, earning their trust by delivering value. That led us to some great projects.

Here are the top five of our year:

  • The NDC Porto conference continues to be a great challenge, and in 2023, it grew to 1000 participants across 5 intense event days. In this project, we do a 360º management of the conference in the city. Thinking of joining? We’re already saving the date for 2024!
  • The city of Porto challenged us to think of a new concept that led us to create the Porto Tech initiative – 20 full days of events taking place in Porto, all under the same Porto Tech umbrella. We’re talking about thousands of participants in more than 12 tech events across the city. In just 1 month, we developed the concept, created the brand, the website, copy, design, community activation, and many other services were implemented for the success of the activity. Details here.  
  • We worked with Sogrape on their first innovation hackathon, supporting them with event organization as well as logistics, partner curation, and community activation. We’re thrilled to have been a part of it, contributing to the experience of more than 150 participants during a full workday. Details here.
  • 321 Crédito, already an ongoing client, challenged us to create the brand manifesto, unwrapping the new brand to its core and building the brand structure from there. That challenge led us to create more than 50 design pieces, design the new website, and showcase the new brand to the world. 
  • Uphold, a well-known crypto company, is focused on gathering the best non-fungible talent and selected us as the partner to help them in those related communication efforts. Uphold now has the Uphold Talent social media presence, as well as a curated presence in events and the dedicated profile building of their innovation officer. A great challenge from and for a great company. Explore it here.

We are grateful for clients such as Dashlane, Sonae MC, Grandpa’s Lab, Fisga Cowork, LTP Labs, Areias Advogados, Kaizen Capital, and all the others that trust our daily dedication to boost their brand awareness and comms challenges.

We are happy to keep evolving and better exploring our services, such as media relations, profile building, employer branding, internal comms, strategy, events, branding, … the portfolio keeps growing and making us proud!

Looking towards the future, we envision a bright horizon where the challenges we’ve encountered have been overcome. With determination and resilience, our company has emerged stronger, ready to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. Together, we’ve built strong foundations, empowering us to thrive and innovate, turning obstacles into stepping stones for success.

The future is promising, and we’re prepared to write new chapters of growth and achievements.

Let’s go!

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