4-month challenge – “A final round of inspiration!”

Interested in knowing more about investment funds and opportunities?

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First things first, make sure you read the ScaleUp Porto’s Toolkit for investment! ScaleUp Porto’s Toolkit for investment in startups was launched in partnership with Porto Business School as a tool that allows communication opportunities and provides guidance about the ecosystem.

Some of the Investment Support Measures you can find in this toolkit:


    • Startup DNA Line
    • Co-Investment Instruments with Incubators and Accelerators
    • Capital +Acceleration
    • Lines of Financing for Technological Projects in Tourism
    • Call MVP – minimum viable products
    • Startup Voucher
    • Pitch Voucher
    • Portugal 2020
    • Horizon 2020
    • Turismo de Portugal
    • SME Instrument  


Let's meet some founders?

Interest in knowing more about entrepreneurs in residence, founder stories, and their do’s and don’ts?

There is already great content out there that you can access for free, and will bring great value to your journey. For instance:


🚀 “Founder Meets Founder,” a special kind of talk show series where two of Porto’s well-known entrepreneurs discuss & explore each other’s professional journeys. Live, face to face, and with no moderation. You can check all 7 full episodes here.

🚀 But as things do not always go well, there is also the “Incinerator Series,” where entrepreneurs share their startup’s story and explain the reasons for its closing. There are 6 episodes, and you can find them all here.

🚀 Find some hands-on inspiration in the “Future Shapers” series! “Everyone has been working to bring us to where we are now. And they will continue to do so. Here are some stories from people and organizations that build our future.”

We hope you feel inspired after hearing all these stories!


Month 4: Are you ready to pitch? And the ins and outs of raising money

4 month challenge - launch your startup in 4 months with FES Agency! Over the course of 4 months we will share with you tools and tips to launch your business! Are you ready to take the leap?

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