Exciting Discoveries at the “Future of Work” Startup Showcase in Web Summit 2023

We just attended a mind-blowing startup showcase focused on revolutionizing the future of work at this year's edition of Web Summit!

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We witnessed cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions that are set to redefine how we work, collaborate, and thrive in the digital age. Here’s a sneak peek into the groundbreaking startups that caught our team’s attention:



video call platform and AI assistant to speed HR recruitment processes



team composition optimizer to elevate success


Shore Teams 

hire pre-vetted developers (near and offshore)



recruiting software to automate processes with gamified candidate profiling



connect companies with active tech talent, plus handle work visa & permit support; global tech talent made easy


StarsHunt AI

technical interviews using AI-powered simulations that mirror their target companies’ interviews



referral recruitments; referral bounties so you can refer talent you know and get a reward


Iter Idea SRL

for complex resource planning with predictive scenario modeling



personalized interview builder



Agile learning solution (accelerates intelligence+ skills development)


worcay GmbH

explore new places while solving the staffing problems of local businesses 



tinder-like job market; swiping left or right to find the right fit



a platform that offers a game-changing approach to team development


TheHiveEnterprise (hiver.ai)

B2B staff-sharing marketplace where startups hire, retain & develop top talent



diverse talent sourcing through AI. Close the gender gap (GRLS.app for women)



Agile and flexible career path management



bridging the tech hiring gap – connecting business with vibrant communities



These startups are paving the way for a future where work is not just a task but an experience.

Stay tuned for more details as these technologies unfold!


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