FES Agency services through the magnifier

As a communication agency, our skills and expertise are spread through several areas, all of them with the same goal: to give more visibility to our clients' projects and, at the same time, to improve their sales and boost their impact in the market and the ecosystem.

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The following lines present our services in detail, from the unfold of each service to the client portfolio we represent.


We work together with you in order to find the best approach and the one that will have the most impact. If you have good ideas but don’t know how to implement them, we’ll find the perfect way to launch and implement your projects and ensure your success.

This strategic work can be global or focused on specific areas such as:

  • Public Relations strategy
  • Social Media strategy
  • Community Activation strategy
  • Internal Communication strategy

SONAE, nBanks, Natixis and Outsystems are some of the clients to whom we created strategy plans, in each different variations. From community to internal communication, from concept to implementation.

Public Relations

  • Media relations / Press
  • Opinion articles
  • Speaking opportunities – Events
  • Speaking opportunities – Podcasts
  • Clipping reports
  • Press/Media kit development

We can recognize a good story and we know how to present it to the right journalist. With our dedicated and personalized approach, we manage to make your projects a topic of interest for the media. We know how good media relations work can boost your projects and that’s why we put all our efforts into ensuring the best coverage in the media, whether in the form of a news piece or an opinion article. These efforts always consider the development of impact reports (clipping). In addition, we work on strategic placement opportunities, as speaker at events and podcasts.

As a core service, clients such as Dashlane, Anchorage Digital, Coverflex and New Work have been a part of our portfolio for years. We work hand-in-hand with their in-house team to align strategies and identify the best media opportunities.

Digital Actions

  • Social media management
  • Paid campaigns
  • Email marketing / Newsletter
  • SEO audit + optimization 
  • Growth hacking kit
  • Copywriting (E-mail, website, blog, social media, advertising)

Being digitally active is essential for everyone: startups, companies, events and projects. Considering that, we support you by giving you the tools to have a real presence in the online world while we focus our efforts on your visibility across platforms, not only on social media but also with the optimization of tools such as SEO, ads campaigns, content production, among other elements.

From big institutions (University of Porto and Coimbra, City of Porto, Gulbenkian Foundation, …) to tech companies and projects (ScaleUp Porto, New Work, Chemitek, …) our digital support is focused on many ramifications that allow us to play with numbers and adapt the way to go.

Content Creation

  • Editorial content
  • Ghostwriting
  • Content for blogs 

We love a good magazine or a good book but we recognize the power of digital content. After all, content is king, regardless of the platform/channel of distribution. Writing with passion is our especialty and we believe that words can have as much impact on a printed piece as they do on a website or online platform.

Deeply, InvestAmarante, Scale Cities, Areias advogados, in different platforms and with different results, the ambitions of our clients are transformed in content that can be distributed across all platforms – online and offline.

Internal Communication

  • Internal communication channels creation and guidelines (tools)
  • Internal communication processes optimization
  • Teambuilding Actions

With a vibrant ecosystem and companies in constant evolution and growth, internal communication is an essential component for any startup>scaleup or even companies with a larger structure that need to “organize their house”. Our expertise comes from detailed projects, within the scope of challenges shared by clients in our portfolio. Our work is hands-on and considers analyzing the current communication status, implementing new tools and monitoring the results. We also support with teambuilding actions that are an essential element of any company’s culture efforts.

As teams grow, internal communication is a huge part of their success… Natixis and Outsystems challenged us with internal communication projects. Viz.ai and others asked for our support with teambuilding activities. Our expertise covers all their needs and yours too.


  • Community activation (building and management)
  • Brand activation
  • Merchandising

At a time when personal relationships are essential, our expertise in community activation is perhaps what you are looking for to boost your visibility. At FES we help creating a strategy from scratch and give full support in its setup, from audience identification and data base development, to brand awareness actions, on-point content and 24/7 management. In parallel, we have a network of great partners to create the coolest merch, focused in guaranteeing an activation with impact.

Online or offline. Outside or at the office. Through brand activation our shipment of merch to the team members address… Natixis, NDC Conferences, ItSector, Infraspeak and many more, confided in our team to help with their activation ambitions. We’re ready for more!

Creative Solutions

  • Design
    • Branding
    • Brand Applications (ppt, email signatures, business cards, …)
    • Editorial
    • Naming
    • Illustration
    • Visual Strategy
    • Posters & Print
    • Signage / Wayfinding

Whether starting from scratch or adding a new twist to an existing identity, our design team has the skills and inspiration to visually represent the essence of any brand. Our portfolio – always in evolution – is eclectic and has a good representation of the solutions we develop. We create identities, but our expertise also considers the deployment of brands in different elements – from digital to offline, with a particular care for editorial challenges.

ISSSP (Instituto Superior de Serviço Social do Porto), Hack&Hustle, EUVC, Portugal Empreende 4.0, Porto Energy Hub, … Brand identities, design materials, editorial pieces, … We love to explore new graphic solutions and strive on our clients challenges.


  • Video
  • Photography

Communication considers – in addition to everything else we do – the creative component that is visible in photography and video. Whether in product photogaphy or as events highlight, this service goes from the script creation to post-production, also considering elements such as animation, voice-over and content dissemination.

City of Porto, Gulbenkian Foundation, InvestAmarante and New Work are just some of the clients that we supported with multimedia work.


  • 360º management (from concept to implementation)
  • Logistical management

From large events to informal meetups, we promise special attention and know-how in your planning. We guarantee a step-by-step plan, a curated choice for the location and venue for each event, as well as a team with experience and a great desire to make events a huge success. Our portfolio has events that go from €1M budget to thousands of participants.

NDC Conferences (Porto chapter), Gulbenkian Foundation, Natixis, Dashlane, New Work, City and University of Porto, just to name a few. Our expertise covers different challenges and levels of request. 


And this is it. A full portfolio of services and clients. We’re ready to support you with all your communication endeavours.

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