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Coimbra received the first AAL Hackathon, Hack 4 Ageing Well, from September 30 to October 1st.

This 24-hour hackathon had its focus on developing innovative tech solutions for the elderly in a creative, interdisciplinary environment.

The rules were very simple: select a team, put yourself and your team to the test, get coached and reviewed by a panel of international experts and potential users of your future product, learn new skills and bring the best ideas forward!

On the 2017’s edition of Hack 4 Ageing Well the 1st prize was to “hello, technology”, a supporting impaired people project with interactions beyond touch interfaces (using physical space). “Smart Aging” won the 2nd prize with smart socks that help to regain posture and balance when motion sensor alerts for possible fall risks. The 3rd place was to “”, a chatbot that makes medication pamphlets easier for everybody.

Hack 4 Ageing Well hackathon was promoted by the AAL Programme and anticipated the 2017 ALL Forum, in Portugal.

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