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The main goal of the communication content is to make known and promote the work of AdE Porto: activities, events, and all the other projects in which it is involved.

In social media, were developed two different strategies through two distinct strands. On the one hand, there is a communication plan for Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. The main goal is to disseminate more informative content and promote the activities that AdE Porto is running and promoting. On the other hand, on Instagram, the communication plan has a more pedagogical basis. The goal is to give good practices for them to adopt in their daily lives about energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. 

In the press context, communication is supported by more institutional content. The goal is to showcase large-scale projects that AdE Porto is also part of. These projects usually have an impact on energy efficiency at a local or national level and an impact on the fight against energy poverty.

Agência de Energia do Porto (The Porto Energy Agency) has a clear mission: to move towards energy and environmental sustainability with the help of everyone – its partners and, above all, the citizens. For that, there could be no better help than communication work on social media. With informative and educational content and the dissemination of what AdE does best, we continue to help the energy agency to achieve its goal. And we are proud of the results!

The Porto Energy Agency is a private non-profit association that promotes the exercise of good practices among citizens and all market players – especially at a municipal level – for the smart and sustainable use of energy.

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