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Just before it landed in Portugal, Dashlane – the app that promises a “password paradise,” asked us to make a push for media coverage in our country. And we did it (with great pleasure!). After almost 100 news pieces published in national media, our partnership is like its presence in Portugal: stronger than ever.

We also contributed to the development of the “Startups in Portugal: cybersecurity and COVID-19” study.

In this specific project, FES intended to carry out an analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the cybersecurity options of companies in the ecosystem of national entrepreneurship. The development of the survey, its dissemination around startups, and the production of the final report were carried out by us in partnership with Dashlane. The study reached some very relevant conclusions about the relationship of Portuguese startups with these themes, conclusions that were enhanced for a moment of extended communication, with strong media attention by the main media in Portugal.

Check the full study here [content in Portuguese]

About Dashlane

Dashlane is an application for mobile and computer that simplifies and protects digital identity – all personal information online. On all platforms and devices, the intuitive application automatically fills in and stores passwords, personal data, and payment details. These data are available in one place, safely, accessible at any time. The application is compatible with all operating systems, devices, and browsers, improving and facilitating the entire digital experience.

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