ENEG 2021 by APDA

Encontro Nacional de Entidades Gestoras de Água e Saneamento (National Meeting of Water and Sanitation Entities)


  • Digital Marketing

Helping to put ENEG – a highly recognized event in the water sector – on the social media map was the FES team’s main goal. A goal perfectly achieved! For two months, on APDA’s social networks, “engagement” was the keyword. During the four-day event, we set up the team and provided intensive coverage of everything that ENEG had to offer, with on-site interviews and live broadcasts.


About APDA

APDA (Portuguese Association for Water Distribution and Drainage) is an entity that represents and defends the interests of the agents responsible for water supply and wastewater systems in Portugal, as well as other stakeholders in this field. 


A community management project and a three-day initiative unfolded in a brand activation and dinner.

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