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At a time when COVID-19 dominated the information spaces, HypeLabs, a Portuguese startup, developed a solution that allowed governments to implement a mobile phone application with innovative contact tracing technology to limit the spread of the pandemic as much as possible. Thus, a specific communication campaign was developed for this solution. The CovidApp was reported widely in the national media, including television, with reports and interviews with the startup’s CEO.

About HypeLabs

Seeing a huge gap between how people connect and access information across developed and developing countries, André Francisco e Carlos Lei Santos started HypeLabs. They believe in connectivity as a human right, as an enabler of growth and a tool to learn… as an equalizer of opportunities. Today, the Portuguese startup is on a mission to expand connectivity, believing in great software as a solution to make tomorrow’s connections more reliable, secure, affordable, and interoperable, and those new paradigms in connectivity are key in achieving a brighter, more connected future.

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