How to communicate to attract talent

Tips and approaches to an effective PR strategy

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In press relations, we may have several goals associated with communication campaigns: sell a product, increase awareness of a brand, place a company in the market, establish leaders and employees of an organization as opinion makers, among others. More recently, one goal that has become very important, especially in the tech industry, is to highlight companies as great places to work. This strategy is usually called “employer branding”.

Promoting press campaigns related to employer branding allows companies to place themselves as attractive places to work, considering topics such as corporate culture and perks, contributing to overcoming the hiring challenges they face.

There are many ways to achieve press visibility with campaigns related to employer branding. Here are some different approaches you can use to put in place an effective PR campaign:

Selection of Specialized Media Outlets

You can make a list of potential media outlets or other platforms, such as podcasts, that may be a good fit to communicate your leader’s/company’s vision, as well as recruitment-related campaigns. A close previous relationship developed between journalists and company leaders can favor the placement of the company in these media outlets.

Highlighting Key Values of Corporate Culture

In an employer branding strategy, it is important that the values that define the work environment and corporate culture are clear and widely disseminated in communication materials, interview stories, and opinion articles.

Promoting the Company’s Presence in the Country

With this type of approach to the media, it is possible to show the public in general and potential future employees that the company is committed to recruiting in Portugal and that it is a possibility to be considered in job applications. Highlighting the office itself, and talking about the comfort and working environment, is another possibility in this kind of approach.

Publicizing Job Openings or Launch a Recruitment Campaign

One of the most direct approaches is to communicate the company’s recruitment opportunities. This type of campaign has one of the most immediate results when it comes to attracting talent. The key messages that you may privilege here are the number of open positions, roles and wanted profiles, and associated perks. If you want to boost it even more, consider associating those openings with some specific recruitment campaign.

Highlighting Perks, Awards and Distinctions

Communicating attractive benefits that are launched by the company contributes in a positive way to the image that the company wants to have in the job market, helping potential future employees to have this company in mind when looking for or changing jobs. Promoting awards and distinctions obtained by the organization or its leaders in the press – especially those related to management, human resources, and corporate culture – is also an excellent way to position the company.

International Validation with Portuguese Stamp

Having credibility as a company in the international and national scene is the first step to a successful PR campaign. But how can we achieve that credibility? Highlighting great initiatives, achievements or partnerships with other important organizations, internationally, can be a path.

Opinion Articles and Positioning in Stories

Showing that leaders and employees themselves are an active voice concerning various matters related to work trends and talent attraction can also be a very efficient approach to place a company as a great place to work. This PR strategy, which may include suggesting opinion pieces, interviews or commentaries to the media outlets, validates the position that the company wants to have in relation to profiles that fit the corporate culture and recruitment needs.

Being successful implies a combination of different methods and approaches, along with good management in terms of timing. Always using the same type of strategy may compromise the effectiveness of the press moments and even the company’s image, so the support of a specialist in this type of communication is fundamental, contributing significantly to the results to reach – or even exceed – the expectations.

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