Where to showcase your Employer Brand: 7 strategic places

Discover where to showcase your company culture and attract top talent, from career sites to events

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To attract and retain the best talent, you need to maintain a strong presence for your employer brand among current and potential collaborators. You can leave this lasting impression by cleary communicating your company culture on the right channels, both internally and externally. However, we understand it’s hard for you to be everywhere. That’s why we’ll share the 7 key places and platforms where you can promote your employer identity to attract the best of the best, even if you’re time and budget are limited.

Why do you need to communicate your employer brand?

Your employer brand shapes how your company is perceived by employees and the wider public. Beyond standing out in a competitive job market, there are several other reasons to position yourself as the best employer:

  • Increased Productivity. Employees who feel proud of their workplace and believe in the company’s values are likely to be more motivated and productive. A positive employer brand contributes to a positive work environment.
  • Cost Savings. A positive employer brand can reduce recruitment costs by attracting candidates who are more likely to fit well within the organization and stay for the long term. This minimizes turnover and the associated costs of hiring and training new employees.
  • Global Presence. For companies with a global presence, a consistent employer brand helps maintain a cohesive corporate culture across different locations, fostering a sense of unity and shared values among employees worldwide.

Where can you showcase your employer brand?

There are numerous places and platforms to communicate your employer brand effectively and achieve the benefits we’ve just mentioned. Here’s where you can make an impact:

1. Career site

After hearing about a job opportunity, many candidates might visit the careers page on your website. Make sure this webpage is more than a list of your job postings. Provide a warm welcome and deliver a great experience by presenting an appealing story about your company culture. Use photos and interview videos, for example. And don’t forget about the technical aspect of your website. Make it accessible, easy to navigate and speed it up. 

2. Social media

Social media channels like Instagram or TikTok might work to communicate creatively with your potential collaborators, but LinkedIn is should be your primary social networking site to attract new talent. Use your LinkedIn Company Page to share what you do, what your organization is and what’s it like to work there. Highlight your current job openings and share employee testimonials. 

3. Press 

Another organic tactic that works wonders is media relations, namely through the use of press releases. When relevant, send these materials to press outlets and media channels to share your company’s success stories and achievements. Focus on the benefits you’re offering to your employees and how your culture stands out in the job market. 

4. Events

Events (whether they’re virtual or in-person) are a great way to connect directly with potential workers and allow them to interact with current employees. Let atendees ask questions and let them get a real feel for what it means to be a part of your company. Build authentic relationships and share your values. Even if they don’t join you, you’ll always be growing your talent community in these events.

5. Webinars

An extension of the previous tactic, webinars are a very efficient way to spread the word about your employer brand. Promote topics such as employee benefits or leadership, for example, and make your prospective talent get a “feel” of what your company truly stands for.

6. Review sites and forums

Company review sites such as Glassdoor or Teamlyzer are looked up by job seekers and they can be determinant for your reputation. Make sure to identify mentions to your brand and always respond to negative feedback. Use less positive comments to your advantage and be transparent – and authentic – when answering to these reviews. Show that you genuinely care. 

7. Universities

What better place than a college to find young professionals? You can host a small fair or have a leader of your company speak to interested students about your organization. Demonstrate what you offer and showcase your company culture to attract the best graduates.

Attract the best candidates

By strategically showcasing your employer brand across these platforms, you’re on the right track to attract candidates who align with your work culture and values. Investing in employer branding will help you build an engaged and committed workforce.

Contact FES Agency to get help

When it comes to boosting your employer branding efforts, FES Agency stands ready as your strategic partner. From optimizing your online presence to hosting impactful events, we’ve got the expertise to amplify your company’s unique identity, values, and culture. Reach out today to get a free personalized employer branding plan.

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