Why Portugal is the best place for your offsite retreat

(and why FES Agency is the right partner to make it happen)

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Organizing a team building session or an offsite retreat for you and your coworkers can be overwhelming. There is a lot of planning that goes into it. You want to get to the right accommodation and workspace, have fun, be productive and lastly, find a way to create strong connections between the members of your team.

Offsites are a great way to boost morale, help teams work toward a common goal and create stronger teams that communicate better.

It’s also valuable for remote workers to get to know each other face-to-face.

Portugal is a great location for this type of activity. Easy to get to, well-known for its hospitality and accommodation options, for its great weather, high-speed internet connection and affordability. 

Why should you consider Portugal?

Diversity of options, easy to get to: City, Beach and Nature ✔️

Sunny almost all year ✔️

Warm and inviting locals ✔️

Amazing food ✔️

Easy to move around with English ✔️

Easy to find activities that fit all interests: sailing, surf lessons, wine tastings, cooking classes, charity activities, hiking and many others ✔️

Now that there are no more questions about Portugal as a great destination for an offsite retreat, here’s why FES Agency is the right partner to make it happen. 

FES Agency has years of experience arranging offsite team building experiences and other events. We have worked with Unsettled, Sandbox Network, NDC, ICPC, among many others. 

We have worked with many clients of different stages of their business: start-ups, mid-level companies, large corporations and non-profit organizations. We know how important it is to build trust with our clients, so we make sure that we deliver what they expect from us.

We have great team members who can help you with any kind of request. We have the experience and the local knowledge to make sure you have the best offsite team building experience.

And we have an extensive network of partners, allowing us to share with you the best options. 

Don’t believe us? See what Leilani Franklin-Apted, Head of Experience at Unsettled said about her experience working with us.

“Finding the team at FES Agency was our lucky charm! Not only did they help us make some major logistics happen smoothly (from accommodating our whole group to helping us pull off a custom pop-up coworking space and getting us special access to a local tech conference), they also went out of their way to connect us to the incredible people, places, and bucket-list moments that make an offsite experience exceptional. If you want a meaningful group adventure in Portugal, they should be the first people you call!” 


Portugal is the ideal country for creative teams to build stronger bonds and inspire each other through unique experiences. We believe in the importance of creating experiences tailored to the needs of each team. It is our mission to make these experiences possible for you and your team!

Want our help? Let’s talk about your idea and make it happen!

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