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  • Media Relations
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Media Relations

The press office work for Deeply has been marked by different approaches for several different types of media outlets. We highlight the product positioning of the Deeply collections in fashion and lifestyle magazines and platforms, as well as the broad coverage of campaigns in which the Portuguese brand demonstrates its commitment to sustainability. It is also worth mentioning the emphasis given to the brand by sports media outlets, with articles related to wetsuits and interviews with Deeply sponsored athletes. From our perspective, Deeply has had very significant media attention, increasing the already important visibility of the brand in Portugal.



Content Creation

We gave life to the new Deeply blog with text, video, and photography. Visually more attractive and diverse, we bring the surf community and the followers of the brand closer with content about athletes, the sport, and so many other stories. Deeply leaped forward with the new content strategy.

About Deeply

It was on the Portuguese Atlantic coast, in 2004, through a small group of surfers deeply in love with the sea, that the brand emerged. Inspired by the sea and sharing respect for the environment, it develops its products in a sustainable way and designed to last. It is an authentic urban surf team that wants to promote an inclusive, balanced and conscious attitude to help everyone get the most out of life. For Deeply, surfing is a state of mind; not a matter of age. The brand believes that energy and strength can be found for balance and self-development, in surfing and through the fundamental values of surfing.

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