Hack For Good Gulbenkian 2018

A Tech Marathon for Social Impact


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We’ve been working this project since it was launched but 2018 was the biggest challenge. On the third edition of Hack For Good Gulbenkian, we were challenged to set-up the event in Porto – for the first time outside Lisbon – and give a push on its communication – from media relations to social media and community building.

The result was a big success with a venue created from scratch and a +24h hackathon that inspired, developed, and supported ideas that can change the world!

The Hack For Good Gulbenkian was a tech marathon of +24h to work on innovative solutions to the main social problems in Portugal and the rest of the world. Today, the H4G wants to inspire and mentor others to include a social mission in their hackathons.

NDC Porto 2019

A major event that inspires software developers

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