A specialist in digital transformation for financial institutions.


  • Media Relations

Media Relations

The work with ITSector focuses a lot on press relations, promoting this Portuguese technology at the media level, as a specialist in digital transformation for financial institutions.

The software development company has made a new stage official, with the launch of a rebranding and a focus on international expansion, growth that we, as an agency, have accompanied and helped consolidate through media positioning.

Additionally, we are an important partner for internal and employer branding actions for a company that has 600 employees organized in six development centers.

About ITSector

ITSector’s story is one of evolution and strength, of people built to adapt and thrive. It started with few people and today, it is made up of hundreds of innovative technologists, developers, financial and service experts, ever committed to excellence in partnerships, product development, and performance. For more than 15 years, and operating in more than 20 countries, they have been building the next digital era for the banking industry, combining technology, innovation, and expertise.

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