New Work SE

New Work SE offers a wide range of brands, products and services for a better working life.


  • Digital Actions
  • Strategy
  • Events

For a better working life. That’s New Work’s motto and we follow them, creating brand awareness and spreading the message about these new ways of working. 

To this end, we are responsible for managing the social networks – in Portugal and Spain – and their campaigns, both in terms of content and design.

FES was also involved in the planning and organization of New Work’s new office event, with plenty of talks and activities.

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About New Work SE

NEW WORK SE offers a wide range of brands, products, and services for better working life. By doing so, NEW WORK SE is continuing its success story that reaches back almost 18 years. The professional network was founded as openBC and has since evolved into NEW WORK SE by democratizing professional networks in German-speaking countries. Today, the vast majority of professionals highly value and heavily rely on their network of contacts for many different reasons.


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