8 tips about communities

A community can be a wonderful tool! Interested in learning a few guidelines?

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Let’s start with the basis

A community is defined simply as a group of people who come together and share the same interests or goals. Now that you know what a community is, let’s talk tips&tricks.

1- A community doesn’t need a physical space

And for your sake, don’t do it alone! One of the keywords is collaboration.  The secret of building a community is to do it with people and not for them.

2- Starting a community can make you feel overwhelmed

You can start with a small meetup, at the cafe near your home. You don’t want to have that personal/physical contact yet? Start with a video call on Zoom where you share your thoughts, advice about something, etc…
Only 2 people showed up? That’s a Minimum Viable Community right there! Congratulations, you already created your own community – Now you just need to be consistent, to be able to keep it and make it grow!

3- In the beginning, it is important to illustrate the kind of behavior you want the community to have

You can make a set of guidelines that include, for example, not talking about religion or politics (unless your community has that purpose). And remember, if your community is online, and if you want to share articles or critical thoughts, you should set the example of how to do it – set the tone and focus.

4- Identify the right people

What’s the first step in building sense of community? To identify people who share the purpose of the project and then do something together. Maybe you even already found them!

If not, take it easy. The truth is that this doesn’t happen overnight and consistency is required.

5- Find ambassadors that will help you grow the community and always ask for feedback!

Learn about the power of ambassadors with our community playbook ⬇️

Community Playbook - FES internal project

6- If you make a mistake, let them know you didn’t handle it correctly

Be transparent and realize how it impacted the community in order to minimize possible damages. Your ambassadors can help here as well 🙂

7- Meet each other anywhere

As important as building a community is to keep it alive. As you grow it’s important to have events/meetups where you are together.

8- An important tool to help you keep the community alive? The newsletter!

Newsletters continue to be one of the most important and used tools to build a community. Why? Because people consume “micro-moments” and like relevant, inspiring, and useful content. The newsletters you send need to have associated value for members.

Extra tip: make sure you have a Community Manager to help you out! If you have a company and you’re starting to think about creating a community…

This is a huge silver lining: The existence of a community, in the long-term, can lower the cost of customer acquisition because it takes spreading your business or project in WOM mode (word-of-mouth).

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