How to create a digital event: step by step

Online events follow us personally and professionally. Although they are not new, they have become a huge trend due to the pandemic. They are the fastest and closest alternative to a physical event. But what are the steps to create a digital event?

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The first step of any event regardless of its format is the same: defining the strategy.

This is where you decide your goal, target audience, placement, agenda, budget, tech tools to be used, among others. It is very important to have this step well defined before moving on to the next points.
A digital event deals with factors that are not usually considered in physical events. For example, when defining the format and schedule of the event you will have to use platforms and technologies that allow the event to reach the goal and the target audience you have defined. One of the crucial factors for a successful digital event is choosing the right platform to use.

Tip: We have created for you a guide with the right platforms for each type of event and goal to achieve. Download our playbook for free to get access.

Once all points of the strategy have been defined and aligned, you need to understand what resources you have available.

Although technology is a crucial factor in this digital age and in online events, nothing is feasible without a team with the necessary qualities. So, in this step you need to understand in which areas you need to have human resources and the important skills they need to have. Furthermore, you need to define which suppliers you will use (if any) and which speakers you want to invite or hire for the event.


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Third, it is essential to promote your event.

 Ask yourself if your event has a value proposition to partners and sponsors, if it is making an impact on your networks, and create a proper communication strategy through website (if applicable) and social media.

Finally, the follow up post-event! See what results you got and if you achieved your goal. A word of advice? Test, test, test!

It can be quite complex to organize a digital event, but don’t be discouraged… in our new playbook we have 10 tips on how to make an online event remarkable and a checklist with all the tasks you have to do to achieve the success of your event.

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