How to attract talent? 2 important strategies to know

We all know how difficult it is to attract and retain talent in the tech area. But what can we do to reverse this trend? Read the advices of two experts in the ecosystem.

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Work flexibility 

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A word from Marianella Custodio, Employer Branding and Communication Manager

“Talking about work flexibility is much more than talking about a benefit for workers, we are talking about a work philosophy that companies are gradually incorporating into their values. Years ago, work flexibility was understood as the possibility of working without strict timetables, agreeing with the People Manager on the best time to start and finish the day. In our business models, flexibility implies a pact of trust with the workers, it is not only agreeing working hours, it’s having the possibility of going to a medical appointment without having to give any explanation, of studying, of continuous training at the time the academy requires it, it is being able to take the children to school when necessary, and to prioritise personal life over work life.

Research in the business sector has proved that employee productivity increases the more comfortable and valued they feel in their jobs, but also when they talk with pride about the place they belong and recommend it as an employer brand. The theory about how to keep employees happy, how to trust and offer them as much flexibility as possible has been around for years, it’s time to put it into practice across all sectors. From 2020 we face a new challenge as a result of COVID19, we must learn to live in a hybrid format in which employees work physically from home and from offices without losing the values we have gained in recent years, we must learn to strengthen internal communication and maintain the company culture, and for this our flexibility model is transversal to all the values we can develop.”

Bolder policies for the landing of IT professionals

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A word from Pedro Moura, Chief Marketing Officer

 “The globalization of technological work is an inevitability more than a trend. It’s a consequence, of a fully connected world in which information is created and flows all over the world in real-time. The needs and the economy of modern society can only be fulfilled in this way.

From the point of view of human resources (the technological talent), the market context is crucial: There is not enough technological talent to meet the current needs, and it’s not expected to happen anytime soon. An IT professional today work from anywhere for a company located anywhere.

It is therefore essential that countries and companies fight to become poles of attraction for this talent otherwise, they may lose the race for innovation and competitiveness.

Unfortunately, there are still barriers to this movement towards the globalization of technological work of a legal, fiscal, and, above all, political nature.

Portugal has unique characteristics to be a destination for talent and technological companies. What is lacking is bolder policies to promote, and publicize the country and, above all, to facilitate the arrival and establishment of these entities.

The combination of such policies to promote qualified immigration with the creation of better conditions for the training of a greater number of professionals and technology companies is a sine qua non condition for the successful future of our country in an increasingly competitive international context.”

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