Why this can be a major year for inclusion and participation

Web 3.0 and the focus on education, through the discussion on identity (de)construction of sexualities and genders can make this year special, as far as inclusion and participation are concerned. Curious? Get to know the opinion of two experts in the field.

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Diversity in the transition from Web 2 to Web 3

Aliados Consulting - FES Agency

A word from Inês Silva, Managing Partner

“We are at the beginning of the change from Web 2 to Web 3. If in Web 2 the focus was on social networks, controlled by giant companies, in Web 3 the focus is on decentralization and ownership of each individual that participates. As we are in this construction phase, it is crucial not to make the same mistakes as in the past. 

Despite an inauspicious start when it comes to diversity and inclusion, in 2022, we have a unique opportunity to build a future where everyone participates and is rewarded equally. We cannot leave this to chance and, that is why movements like FEM3, communities like Women Rise, and DAOs like Surge and H.E.R. DAO must be supported.”

Deep knowledge of the forms of expression

ISSSP - FES Agency

A word from Sara Melo, President of the Board of Directors

“Gender equality is a theme that has assumed, in recent years, a fundamental predominance in public debate. This predominance derives from its reluctance to be implemented in everyday life. We are socialized to live in a perspective of inequality even before the day we are born when behaviors are prescribed from the outset that is said to be those of men and women. These are based on stereotypes that lead to limiting social expectations, clearly evident, for example, on who is supposed to care (role expected of women, always dedicated to the sphere of private life) and who is supposed to manage (role expected of men, in turn, dedicated to the public sphere). Among the growing achievements of recent decades, and we should not overlook them, the most important lies in the assumption that these expectations are historically, socially, and culturally created.

Education plays a fundamental role in this respect, insofar as it is through education that this social construction is understood and that new areas of thought and action can be created that do not limit each individual’s freedom of choice and expression.

Therefore, in 2022, let us invest in a deep knowledge of the forms of expression, experience, and identity (de)construction of sexualities and genders, so that we may develop a critical and reflective conscience on the asymmetries existing in this respect. And most important, let us participate in a very active way in the promotion of ever greater equality, because it is not about men or women, but about people and rights. Thinking about gender and sexual equality is just thinking about human rights… so, let us make equality by fulfilling human rights!”



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